Our goal

Sidetracked is an outdoor adventure company organising guided tours all over Finland. Focusing on true wilderness experiences off the beaten track. Taking you to beautiful places, in small groups and getting to experience something truly unique. Allowing you to discover new places, push yourself and make new adventure buddies.

Meet your guide


Years after falling in love with Lapland myself I gave up my 9-5 job for a life of unknown adventure. This lead to working and travelling in many places. But there was always one place I’d always return to, Lapland. There was something about it; the raw untouched beauty, the fast changing of the seasons and the endless possibility of adventure. I decided to spend a year training in Finland to become a fully qualified International Wilderness guide and started to develop my ideas for Sidetracked. I wanted to take people to all of the wild places I’d discovered.

I want to keep pushing myself to discover new places and challenges then share these with a community of people looking for something a little bit different.

Explore cool places with cool people!

Sophie - Founder



I've just got back from a week long back country ski trip in Lapland with Sophie and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. Spending a week in the wilderness staying in huts with no electricity was such a fantastic break from busy life. The simplicity of the routine of skiing all day, collecting water from frozen lakes and chopping wood for fire was so cathartic and it really felt like a week of getting back to nature.

We ate really well - porridge or pancakes in the morning, soup and sandwitches for lunch and each night Sophie would make us an amazing hearty fresh meal (curry/veggie chillie/stew etc) and we would all sit around the fire chatting and whittling wood. 

I would count myself as a fairly fit person and found the physical challenge to be at a good level. The trips are achievable for anyone who is motivated and excercises fairly regularly. On days when people were tired we shared the weight around the polks and all pulled together as a team with Sophie leading the way. 

If you have a sense of adventure and want to spend time travelling along 'a road less travelled', I'd highly recommend Sidetracked Adventure. 

Thanks for an amazing week Sophie! I look forward to more adventures in the Arctic with you! 

JEn | Feb 2018


I wanted to do a hoilday with a difference compared to the usual ski hoilday and Sidetracked Adventures delivered big time! Sophie was our guide for the week and she looked after us so well. She had great knowledge of the area and wildlife. We were set up for the day with great wholesome food and welcomed into our cabin at night with a roaring fire. I couldn't have asked for a better adventure to kick off 2019. Thanks team!

Brendan | Jan 2018


Sophie was a brilliant guide for our week in Arctic Lapland! I've never done anything like this, but it really was the perfect adventure and something I'll never forget. Thanks for pushing me out my comfort zone and for helping me create such epic memories.

Leonie | Feb 2018



Our sustainability focus  

Her dream is to show others what's out there to explore. She believes that adventure brings out the best in us. It fosters determination, resilience, and gives us a better perspective on the world we live in. Life is for living, and life experiences are what's truly valuable.

Giving back more than we take away.

10% of each trip will be used to help the local environment. We will make sure that we are making a positive influence to the areas we explore by doing the following:

  • Invest in local projects that are working to protect the national parks and wilderness areas.

  • Support volunteer projects helping Environmental Conservation and local Interests in Finnish Lapland

  • Help the Protect Our Winters campaign, who engage people and corporates through their wintersports livelihoods and passions, educate on the risks of climate change, empower people to take effective action and encourage and support them to do so.

Global warming and the factors behind it are a known fact. People, various organisations, and governments are taking actions around the world to reduce the impact of the global warming on the environment and eradicate the cause.

We believe eco travel is an important link in this attempt to save the planet. Travellers, regardless of their activity preference, have a common interest in maintaining the environmental health of the planet.

We value the beautiful parts of the world that we get in operate in and we want to make sure these places stay beautiful.

We believe that the following actions are important:

1. Small group sizes

Our small group tours are inherently less impacting than other tour offerings. We are better able to monitor our environmental impact and to contribute to the local economy in a more direct and meaningful way.

2. Minimizing the use of excessive packaging

Efforts are made to purchase products that minimise packaging and utilise recycled content, both for our trips and in the daily operations of the business.

3. Following Leave No Trace guidelines

Sidetracked is a member of Leave No Trace and all guides are certified in the Leave No Trace principles. 

4. Using locally produced products whenever available

Including locally grown organic produce, trying to buy products that support the region and reduce the amount of produce that we import.

5. Recycling

We recycle both in the field and at our base camp.

These are a few of the efforts that we have undertaken to minimise the impacts of our business operations and to contribute to the long-term viability of adventure tourism.

We will keep working towards making as little impact to the nature as possible and making sure we are giving back a bigger positive response. Doing everything that we can to maker sure we look after our planet.

-Sophie and the Sidetracked team