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Guided Snowshoe Tour

February 2018


There's nothing better than making fresh tracks, walking in one of the most stunning National Parks in all of Finland. Join us as we show you the wonders of an arctic winter. Making our way through snow capped forests in the day and lying beneath the stars awaiting the northern lights at night. With an overnight trip in one of the wilderness cabins you can enjoy the endless untouched snowfields and pure raw nature that Finland has to offer.



What's included...

• 7 nights accommodation in remote log cabin in the Finnish wilderness
• All meals included
• Qualified wilderness guide for the week

• All equipment hire
• Overnight stay in wilderness cabin in national park.



Snowshoe walking tours

Want to join us in February?
Experience the serenity of the nature this winter ‘floating’ across the snow in an unspoiled winter wonderland. Our snowshoes are very light weight and easy to use. This makes walking through snow-covered terrain effortless, opening up huge possibilities for exploring the winter wilderness. If you can walk you can snowshoe – it’s that easy!

Our snowshoe tour offers a unique way to get close to nature. The tours are fully guided and there are variety of trails during the week. No experience is required and we supply all the gear you need for a safe and comfortable trip.

Based in a beautiful log cabin for the week we will explore different national parks everyday, with an overnight trip to a wilderness hut where we will hunt for the northern lights. You will get the chance to try a traditional Finnish sauna and for those brave enough a dip in the ice water. 

As with all our trips, we keep our group sizes small and take a flexible approach to ensure we can accommodate everyone’s abilities. This is a perfect introduction to your Finnish adventure. 




A  guided snowshoe trip to some of the most beautiful parts of Finland. Based in a remote cabin for the week we spend our time exploring the breathtaking National Parks. With the chance to try out traditional Finnish sauna, and cross country skiing. 

Equipment & CLOTHES

A detailed recommended packing list for personal items to bring will be sent with your booking documentation. 

For some handy tips on what you might want to pack click here


Minimum Number

Minimum total 5 persons required for tours to be confirmed to run. You are of course welcome to book as a solo traveller.



For full booking terms and conditions please click here.

Any other questions? (FAQ)

What should I pack?

For some handy tips on what you might want to pack click here

Where do I fly to?

The best places are either Rovaniemi or Ivalo airport. We can pick you up from either of these airports. 

WhaT if ive never used snowshoes before?

If you can walk you can snowshoe. It's super easy, we will have a short induction lesson on the first day with a few tips then you'll be set to go. 

What If I don't want to snowshoe everyday?

We will be based in a beautiful cabin for the week so if you ever feel like you want to have a day off then you're free to stay and relax. 

Do I need travel insurance? 

Yes, travel insurance is a must. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate insurance to cover you for all aspects this trip, including cancelation.


Come and enjoy the pure Finnish wildnerness